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Guest Posts Wanted

Guest Blogger – How to Submit.

So you want to write a guest post for ™ePrayer Circle?  Awesome!

™ePrayer Circle believes that “God Answers the Faith” and is now looking for guest posts from others.

All original photos, videos, music, prayers, infographics, and artwork based on the King James Bible are welcome.  These works should promote scripture, love, repentance, positive connections among friends, parents, children, and family members. In addition, ™ePrayer Circle loves short works of people witnessing the benefits of accepting and believing in Jesus Christ. These posts can be as simple as you playing any instrument and/ or singing a praise song to God.  Reading a prayer, testifying of your healing miracle, and/or showing your faith-based artwork.

Guest posts

Guest posts

How to Submit Your Post:

Please email the guest-post to:  contact@eprayercircle.com with a “guest-post” in the subject line.

Please submit the following:

Your completed word post as a PDF (preferred), Doc, Docx, or TXT file, between 500, and 800 words.

  1. Image, video, and audio files (with attribution) — an image of you would be great.
  2. Short author bio (two or three lines) including a maximum of one anchor text link to your own website or professional social media profile.  No spam or product advertising.
  3. You must include this statement in the email: “I am the sole owner of enclosed material(s) and I have given attribute to photos (stock)or media that I do not own.”

If your article meets editorial standards and aligns with content strategy and submission policy, your post will be published.  This blog’s author reserves the right to edit and proofread content before publishing.  You will get a response within one week to let you know when your article will be published. This blog does not accept advertising.  If you have any questions, please submit by the form below. Thank you.




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